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Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy /
Counsellor / Life-coach

Karen Ferris - DipHyp(Dist)Dip CP MCS(Acc) LHS GQHP GHR Reg

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself in this
the first of my regular columns
My name is Karen Ferris and I am an experienced Integrative Therapist based in Suffolk.

I can offer appointments at either Woodbridge or Felixstowe.
If a client is unable to travel to these locations then I am also able to work via Skype or Face time Nationwide.

I offer a range of therapies which include, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Motivational Life Coaching, and some relatively new therapies ,BWRT® (Brain Working Recursive Therapy), Kinetic Shift Hypnosis and OldPain2Go

Before qualifying as a therapist I held a senior management position for many years which I believe has given me an insight into some of the many issues that we can face in our day-to-day lives.
My original training was as a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist but over the years I have added other therapies that compliment the work that I do.
I am continually looking at ways in which I can improve the service I offer my clients.

My most recent additions being BWRTª , Kinetic Shift Hypnosis and OldPain2Go. These exciting and relatively new therapies can offer quick solutions to even some of the more complex of issues. In fact it can be in as few as 1 or two sessions.
Another benefit with these new Therapies is that I can in many cases work ‘content free’ so if there is something you would rather not disclose..than that is absolutely fine.

Using an integrative approach to therapy I offer support and help in a confidential, caring, non-judgmental and safe environment.
As individuals we all have areas of our lives that we would like to improve on and yet it is not always easy to take that first step alone.

So why is my business successful?
What I have found is people like my openness and honesty, and the fact that I genuinely enjoy what I do and want to help and support the clients who choose to work with me.

Because I have experienced some of the issues I work with on a personal level, I have a genuine affinity with working with people because “I get it” and “understand it”.
So what would you get if you chose to come and see me with your particular problem?
Well, I am warm, open, honest and direct, but never judgmental,
With me, you will always know where you stand.
I am very practical, level headed and I don’t do jargon and my ultimate aim is to help you work towards getting a permanent solution to your particular problem.

I work with most issues and have extensive experience with working with the following
Weight Management/Eating Disorders
Self Confidence/Self Esteem
Pain Elimination/Pain Management
Stop Smoking
But this is just a very small selection of what I can help you with.
If you would like further information about the work I do and how I might help you then please look at my website
Alternatively please call me on 07736929477 or 01394 285332.
Or email me at, leave your details and I will contact you.