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Hello, my name is Barbara Gooch and Iím offering professional Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy for Individuals and Couples, in a safe, warm and welcoming environment, around the Suffolk and Essex areas.

I do understand that the admitting to ourselves that we have a problem or the general struggle to cope in our everyday lives can be very difficult and even more difficult is the process of seeking some help or looking for somebody to talk to who you feel comfortable with.

I would like to make this decision easier for you and assure you that there is nothing wrong with that, we all have better and worse days in our lives, but in our time together I will only be here for you. I believe that the quality of a relationship between therapist and client is the most important factor in any healing process.
I have been on the receiving end and the idea of having completely "me time" and talking to somebody who can listen and won't judge, can be very powerful and very comforting

We will work in an integrative style, which means we will separate the elements of your challenges piece by piece, using different techniques we will really get to understand and eventually address them, achieving the results you really wish for. I will adapt the way I work using my personal insight and experience to simply listen to you and assist you to become the person you want to be.
Ethics and professionalism is paramount, therefore we will start with clear and precise boundaries.

Also being Polish allows me to provide therapy in dual languages and it also gives me an insight and understanding of different cultures.
More information about me and the service I provide can be found on my website
Looking forward to hear from you
Barbara Gooch

Find the Harmony between your mind and body

Barbara Gooch Dip PC, MNCS (Acc)
Dip Hyp CS, MHS

Tel.: 07791 051359


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Barbara Gooch Ad. Prof. Dip. PC MNCS (Acc) Accredited by The National Counselling Society